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The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.

- The Boring Company

Join MOYO or get in touch with Thomas, if you… 

+ have a great sense of humour even on dead serious missions

+ are an ad agency looking for misfits, hybrids, intrapreneurs

+ are a posh business consultant with poor imagination

+ are an investor breeding multiplanetary unicorns

+ are a headhunter heading for early retirement
+ are an AI wizard obsessed with the muse

+ are a GyShiDo San beyond bullshit

+ are the Captain of Moonshots 

Thomas currently operates within a collaborative network of strategic partners in the areas of digital communication, business innovation and culture.

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03_Antwort_David-Lynch_1997 Kopie.jpeg

David Lynch on Hermann Vaske's famous question WHY ARE YOU CREATIVE?

Further backup information

There is venture capital for exponential creativity:

Technology and creativity in a world of abundance

Google experiments in the MOYO context:

Turn real time free speech into animated drawings

Add sound to Google Street View via deep learning

AI + Writing: Precursors to a Digital Muse

All you need to know about global illiteracy:

Scrollytelling series by the great folks at Unreasonable

A huge step on our way to better education on the web:

Machine learning paves the path to a readable internet

And the ultimate question in the field of AI and art:

If Machines Want to Make Art, Will Humans Understand It?

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