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Leaps of innovation require

a bravery that borders on absurdity. - Astro Teller

Thomas Fiehn is a late capitalist creative with a history in advertising. Due to his megalomanic socialisation in the industry (and to restore his karma), he is currently working on a philanthropic moonshot experiment - with an idea that is simple but still incomprehensible, like many ideas that go beyond our 'common-sense intuitive linear view'.

His track record is anything but linear, so he decided to study Exponential Technologies at Singularity University and create MOYO as an imaginative pitch to be killed by Astro Teller. Or to graduate into Alphabet on a pretty ironic mission: Alphabet transcending the alphabet. If this one makes you laugh, the idea is probably big enough, according to Teller's radical creativity at X.

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Thomas is already Google's darling btw. About 5 years ago he published a visual résumé on Creative Disruption that is currently #1 on Google Knowledge Graph - with more than 10,000 views and 150+ downloads by top industry peers worldwide - more than TBWA, the inventors of the term.

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What was only meant to be a visual résumé in the context of digital transformation and disruptive innovation, kind of accidentally went viral and has been downloaded by people like the Group Strategy Director at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, M&C Saatchi Russia’s CEO & Founder, Strategic Planning at TBWA\ISTANBUL, the Managing Creative Director at DDB Berlin, Dentsu Indonesia’s Account Management Team, the Global Strategy Director at Starcom USA as well as many other senior executives at various agencies, corporations and organisations around the world.

Read the full story on Medium

Last but not least: the advertising portfolio. Most ad agencies - particularly in Germany - are looking for marketing creatives that fit neatly into their staffing plan, which emanates from a client's scope of work and the agency's compensation. Few agencies are starting to see the opportunities in hiring diverse, label-resistant makers who bring skills, and aspire to creative roles, that are broader than many outdated job descriptions.


"Embracing hybrids won't make your life easier, but those misfits may help making your company fit for the challenges of the future of marketing creativity." Adweek


Get in touch to view the portfolio incl. awarded work for Facebook Business and XING as well as the entire omnichannel enchilada for brands such as Deutsche Post (Ambient), bento (Native), René Lezard (Event), SPIEGEL (B2B), California Almonds (Influencer), Greenpeace (UX), SATURN (Promotion), enyway (Start-up), LSP (Website), BDO (Employer Branding) and others. 


Portfolio on request.

Marketing and advertising have been considered the supreme discipline of commercial creativity for a long time - with good reason. But the industry is on the cusp of a new era, where creatives have to deliver a lot more than funny ads: MOYO is just one example of what to expect from exponential creativity.

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