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Who would fall in love with technology by looking at the code?


Who would understand gravity by looking at the formula?

Bauhaus small.png

So why would you enjoy great art & literature by looking at the letters?

Who would start dancing by looking at the notes?


AI-visualised books/content.

Immersive XR experiences.

Education beyond literacy.

Letters are just code, like notes are the code for music. It's about processing and interpreting information. As we move into the augmented age, cutting-edge AI is going to help us visualise data on a completely new level: with intuition and soon-to-be human-like consciousness

Anyone who has seen the mind-boggling interpretation of the Bauhaus idea Das Totale Tanztheater - a congenial collaboration between Interactive Media Foundation, Artificial Rome and Einstürzende Neubauten -, got a glimpse of what to expect from digital superintelligence in the near future. 

MOYO, a Swahili word for life force and magical power, is a non-commercial thought experiment based on the foundations of exponential technologies, as taught at Singularity University. The primary purpose of this moonshot idea is to ask imaginative questions in order to find new answers to one of humanity's global grand challenges: education.

More than 750 million people worldwide are illiterate. With the help of exponential technologies, we will be able to educate illiterates in a way that transcends the alphabet as a means of unlocking human knowledge.

The long-term goal is to provide fully immersive XR experiences beyond literacy. Below a rough phase model based on the 6 D's of Exponentials.

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